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"A successful team, organization, and world starts (and ends) with the success of the individual. Invest in the growth, development and success of people...invest in YOU"

- Emem Washington

"Making the impact you desire to make starts with knowing and understanding WHO you are, WHAT your gifts, values, strengths are, and HOW you want them to show up in your life."

- Emem Washington

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About Emem

Emem Washington, J.D., LLM, is a speaker, TEDx coach and leadership consultant, who blends her education, expertise and experience in an actionable and transformational way, as she serves clients and audiences globally in the areas of professional growth and personal excellence.  She is on a mission to empower individuals, teams and organizations to identify their innate gifts and strengths, and courageously use them make a difference in the world.

Your impact and ability to make a difference is much more meaningful when you take time to learn and understand exactly who you are Let's work together to discover your gifts, strengths and unique impact-making style, and how you want them to show up in your life, so that you live your purpose authentically.

Emem Washington

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Emem’s trainings can be delivered in the US or anywhere in the world. We offer 60-minute sessions, half-day, full-day and series packages. We can also provide bespoke, customized solutions to suit your specific needs.



Through Emem’s 60-90 minute keynotes on Resilience or Self-Leadership, your audience will be engaged, inspired and motivated to become the best versions of themselves. Before each presentation, Emem works closely with the event planners and decision makers to identify the vision and goals for the event, to ensure her keynote best serves the needs of your audience.



Emem's highly engaging half-day or full-day training sessions will move and equip your audience to become champions of resilience in their personal and professional lives. Regardless of the location and size of your team, Emem can provide them with the tools they need to succeed in today's marketplace. 



Wherever you are in your personal and professional growth journey, whether you are an executive or an entrepreneur, if you are ready to conquer your fears and skyrocket your potential, Emem's success coaching programs might be just the thing you need to launch you to your next level!

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Emem is a sought-after speaker and resilience champion, who blends her education, expertise and experience as she serves clients and audiences globally. She is on a mission to empower individuals, teams and organizations to identify their innate gifts and strengths, and courageously use them make a difference in the world.

Real Success Stories

“Emem is an outstanding speaker with real-life experiences that translate into powerful talks that move people into action.

Her keynote talk, as well as workshop, were impactful, lifechanging and insightful…leaving our audience inspired and empowered to take their speaking careers to the next level. She is inspiring, relatable and is an absolute bundle of joy to work with.“

Raimonda Jankunaite

Founder, Women Thrive Summit

“Emem is an amazing speaker and coach. As one of the cofounders and director of the Success Women’s Conference, I had the pleasure of working with Emem at our 2019 conference. She was one of our main stage speakers, and was able to captivate the audience and deliver a powerful speech. Emem was definitely one of the easiest and most professional speakers to work with. She truly commands the room.”

Kearn Cherry

Cofounder, Success Women’s Conference

"I saw Emem speak in January 2020. She captivated the audience. The way she delivers her message is eloquent, with conviction and grace. 

I felt like she was speaking to me, in a room full of 100. Her personable approach to speaking will resonate with a variety of audiences. Her stories are heartfelt with a lasting impact. To this day, I can still recall how I felt as she spoke."

Emily Silva Hockstra

Author, Speaker, Spiritual Life Coach


It’s time to begin your journey out from the shadows...Every day, many of us are living as shells of our true selves, due to things that happened in our past or things occurring in our present (and some of us don’t even realize that this is how we’re living). Rise From the Shadows is for all of us who have experienced situations in life that have caused us to forget just how important we are to humanity. It’s also for those of us who have (knowingly or unknowingly) dimmed our light so that others may feel better about themselves.

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