This is the time of year when many of us reflect on how the year has been, and start planning out our goals for the next year. Maybe some of the things you’ve been believing God for have not come to fruition.  Or perhaps you’ve celebrated other people’s success, while wondering when your own time to celebrate will come. Weeks have turned into months and even years.  There’s still time and by that I mean “God’s time”.

One of the thoughts I personally battle with at times is “it’s too late for me; I’m too old”.  Says who??? These thoughts actually make me want to quit pursuing my dreams and “leave it for the younger ones to do”. Then I remind myself of Sarah and Elizabeth (in the Bible), Joyce Meyer and many others. They started late, but Hallelujah, did they not catch up and even overtake!? For Sarah all she needed was ONE Isaac and the rest was history. For Elizabeth it was ONE John the Baptist. For Joyce, God took the mess that was her life and gave her a message that has won countless souls to His Kingdom.  I also remind myself that God used Elizabeth (late bloomer) AND Mary (young virgin) at around the same time, to do great things!

So know this. God is not through with you. You are not too old or too young or too unqualified for God to use. He has a call on your life, so don’t give up! God is not done using you and there are people out there who need what ONLY YOU can give. Late bloomers bloom too! Let’s finish this year strong and keep pushing in 2016! I love you and am believing alongside you.