These words from Pastor William McDowell are powerful truth. “Rain only matters to those who have seed in the ground”.  Someone who has not planted will not be as expectant for rain as a person who has planted.

But what have I planted, even as I’m praying for rain and open floodgates?  When the rain does come, then what?  Did I sow good seed in order to expect a good harvest?  Did I plant in good soil? Have I cleared the weeds so that my seeds have a stronger chance of thriving?

The Bible has a lot to say about seed. In Genesis 8:22 ,  after the flood, God said “As long as the earth endures, seed time and harvest…will never cease (New International Version). To me that means that, not only will seed time and harvest continue as long as the earth endures, but also IF I sow, I WILL reap. So I need to start sowing, if I haven’t already.   Do I want people to be kind to me? Then I need to sow kindness. Do I want mercy? Then I need to sow the same. Do I want more money? Then I need to sow more money.

Let us all sow wisely so that when the rain comes, we will reap bountifully.

Much love, Emem.