a place called there“The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.” This website is one step for me on my journey, a journey which has been several years in the making.  I’ve had excuse upon excuse as to why I should continue with business-as-usual.  But every few months I find myself saying “there’s got to be more to life than what I’m doing”.  A restlessness comes over me, an unsatisfaction with just existing.  Do you ever feel that way? What is your destination and are you ready to take that first step?  Or have you taken a few steps towards that destination in the past, only to meet a roadblock and get discouraged?  I KNOW how that feels.  This time around let’s try something different.  Let’s find a way around that roadblock, whatever it may be.  Jump over it, dig under it, scale it, go as far left or right of it as necessary to get around it.  But be determined to find a way to begin or to continue on your journey to your destination.    God has given each of us our very own journeys.  By His grace, we will all get to our very own place called “There”.  God bless and guide you as you take that first step. See you when you get “there”!