Known as “The Dream Ambassador” to many, Emem Washington’s mission is to inspire, motivate and cheer millions towards success, regardless of where they are, or where they have been, in life. She is a firm believer in the God who gave Joseph dreams of his own and made them come true.

Emem is the founder and CEO of M/odaVida, LLC, a personal and professional lifestyle development company. She is also a TEDx speaker, best-selling author, recording artist, success coach and advocate for big dreamers. She has an LL.M in Intellectual Property and Information Law.

With almost 20 years of experience as an attorney, Emem has the ability to balance education, leadership and empowerment in a practical yet inspirational way, as she works with clients and speaks to audiences worldwide. She has coached and mentored women around the world on emotional intelligence and professional growth.

 “No matter what it looks like right now, YOUR STORY IS NOT OVER. Flip the Page” ~ Emem

Her passion for teaching has put her in front of diverse audiences, from K-12 to law students; attorneys, corporate professionals, as well as church congregations worldwide. She focuses on providing transformational and actionable solutions for visionaries, leaders, and difference-makers to elevate in the areas of impact, legacy and purpose.

Emem has been blessed to speak on national and international platforms and has been featured on numerous podcasts and radio shows. She has been a speaker on platforms such as TEDx, Success Women’s Conference, Flourish Media Conference, EPIC Women’s Summit, and PublisHER Author Conference, to name a few. 

She has a special way of connecting with, and bringing together, people from different walks of life, as she shares from her heart, blending her legal, entrepreneurial, familial and spiritual experiences into real and relatable advice and encouragement. 

Emem is married to Cedrick Washington and is the proud mother of 2 wonderful sons. 

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“Flip the Page – Your Story is NOT Over”.