Are your dreams based on fear or faith?

A few years ago, mine were from a place of fear. Why?

I was a single mother of two young boys who:

  • had a failed marriage
  • lost her house to foreclosure
  • moved back in with her parents with her two sons in tow

I felt like such a FAILURE in the area of decision-making. ⠀

I felt ASHAMED that as a thirty-something AND as a lawyer of almost 10 years, this was my life.⠀

I felt OVERSTRETCHED because I was back in school AND working two jobs.⠀

I felt AFRAID…⠀

…Afraid that I couldn’t trust my own decisions, whether that be about marriage or finances. ⠀

…Afraid that I couldn’t trust anyone anymore, except a few people in my inner circle (you lose “friends” during divorce…who knew?).

…Afraid to dream of doing the things I used to dream about (becoming an author, releasing my music, building the dream home I had promised my mom, and so on).⠀

When I did “dream,” it was from a place of fear

Emem Washington

When I did “dream,” it was from a place of fear. I had the mindset of “I’m going to work long hours so I can make money and never have to face foreclosure again. I’ll do what I need to do to work my way up so that I’ll have enough money for me and my boys. I’ll toughen my heart so that nobody will ever be able to crush it again.”⠀

I had a “survive” mindset as opposed to a “thrive” mindset.

Thankfully, I’m in a different place now because I learned the power of having the right mindset, which led to allowing myself to dream (and do) again.

If you have experienced tough times and you’ve stopped dreaming (or dreaming big), I want to encourage you to dream again. Start by renewing your mind…changing your mindset.⠀

Dream bold, audacious dreams, that have nothing to do with your abilities but with God’s power. Dreams that require your faith and God’s favor. You’re a child of THE MOST HIGH. Please, please allow yourself to dream again. And then, Go DO!