Dear Visionary, You Are Designed For More.

It's Time to Step Boldly Into Your Purpose and Live the Life You Were Created to Live!

Do You Dream Of...

  • Living a life of impact and purpose that honors God? 
  • Doing work that not only provides for your family, but also lights up your soul?
  • Leaving a lasting legacy?
  • Making a difference?

Do you feel like, even though you've taken all the courses, attended all the conferences and listened to all the coaches, you are still stuck? Does it make you question whether you are really called to pursue those goals and dreams you are pursuing?

Believe me when I say, I know that feeling! While I believe we owe it to ourselves to continue investing in our personal growth and development, I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how many conferences, courses and coaches I have invested in, all in search of the magic formula for my success, only to find myself in the same position after all the dust had settled, and the excitement had worn off.

It wasn't until I started digging deep to really uncover who I am and how I fit into God’s plan and purpose, that the dots began to connect and things started to fall into place. Once you understand your identity intimately, you experience exponential growth...and that is true whether you're an executive, employee or entrepreneur. 

I LOVE this Bible passage that says “It’s in CHRIST that we find out WHO we are and WHAT we’re living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, He had His eye on us, had DESIGNS on us for glorious living, part of the overall PURPOSE He is working out in everything and everyone” (Eph. 1:11-12). Yes...THIS is in the Bible (this is the Message translation). How reassuring is that?! 

The confusion, frustration and doubts come when you don’t let God show you WHO you are, and how your passions, experiences, ideas, expertise, quirks and...EVERYTHING about you, fit together for His purpose.

You’ll find yourself constantly trying to do what someone else is doing, and wonder why it was successful for her but not you. You’ll continue to go in circles. It’s a vicious cycle, let me tell you.

If you want to align your gifts with your purpose and have the confidence to expand your vision, this is an important message for you!

It's time to stop living someone else’s life. It's time to uncover the blocks that are keeping you from the life you envision. It's time to live a more fulfilled and satisfied life.

Getting the coaching, accountability and encouragement to take action, will keep you from continuing to live a hollow and unfulfilled life. No more letting another year go by, not living the life you want. No more staying stuck in a job, relationships, or a life that weigh you down everyday. It's time to show up for those people who are on their knees daily, praying for the solutions which only you can provide!

I truly believe that you were Designed for More…and I want to help you step into the MORE that you’ve been craving.

It feels so good when someone truly really gets get me so well!!

I truly believe that our paths lined up for such a time as this. Thanks for walking alongside with me in this season of my life. I truly appreciate everything that you have done so far. It feels so good when someone truly really gets get me so well!! Where have you been all my life? I haven't been pushed liked this a while. Glad someone else is pushing me besides myself. I see growth daily. Woohoo! God sure did align our paths. Thanks Coach! Excited for all that God is about to do!

- Esther

Here's how and why I can make you this promise...

My name is Emem Washington and I am a Success Coach for Christian Visionaries, Thought Leaders and World Changers.

I’ve been exactly where you are. I know what it's like to go from living an unfulfilled day-to-day existence, to living a purpose-aligned life. Even better than that, now I am blessed to get to help others do the same.

My mother dying unexpectedly in 2014, made me realize that tomorrow is not promised to us. It shook me, woke me up, and inspired me to step into my purpose. Since then, I have set audacious goals and by the grace of God (and for His glory) I have achieved (and even surpassed) them. When I decided to step into my purpose, I overcame the obstacles and roadblocks that were in my way. I started living - I produced my CD, became a bestselling author, an international speaker, and fulfilled my dream of becoming a TEDx speaker!

But I knew that there was still more to do. I want to help others tap into the confidence and clarity they need to step into their purpose and take action to turn their dreams into reality.

Which is why I created Designed for More, an experience to help you go from vision to victory...authentically.

Isn’t it time for you to reclaim your life and stop putting your dreams on the back burner?

When you join my Designed for More program, you will:

Learn how to create a life that is not just purposeful but profitable
Stop spending time and money on things that don't really fulfill you
Have expert accountability and coaching to help you go from To Do to Done 
Have a sense of alignment and joy, working towards things that fuel (rather than drain) your soul

PLUS: Working with me means you’ll get results faster!

Putting off your dreams and downplaying your desire for more


Here is what others have to say...

Deborah Young

Deborah Young

Founder, G.E.M.S

(Growing & Empowering Myself Spiritually)

The Holy Spirit was among us and every woman left different than the way they came.

So many women, different races, nationalities, cultures, all serving one true God. It really is a beautiful thing. Sometimes we go to event after event without any intended purpose and no evidence that the Holy Spirit showed up. But this was different.  Emem Washington...I thank God for your selflessness and for stepping out on faith.

Golden Nnona

Visionary, Brown and Edwards

CEO, Rosa Palm Oil

“I am now able to l tune out the noise, silence distractions and depend on God for directions.”

One of my biggest breakthroughs and takeaways from the program was defining my voice in the market place: as a business owner and as a child of God. I gained insight on what it means to have a vision and sticking with goals and steps on how to accomplish my goals (and ultimately my vision).

You will learn to confidently identify, own and verbalize the vision(s) that you have for your life and how to navigate through the hurdles, sift through all kinds of distractions and stick to the things that matter in accomplishing and living this vision. 

Emem is a personal coach who really cares about you being the best there is... 

Jeremy Belter

Jeremy Belter

Transformation Coach (Finish Strong alumnus)

"What I like most is how helpful Emem is and there is a genuine desire to help with her."

 She goes above and beyond what I expected and answered all questions promptly. I felt it was a non judgmental space with a great group of people to help us all grow in business. If you are even considering I would join because of the value you are going to get from Emem. She is a consummate professional with a compassionate heart to serve.

Here’s the breakdown of what I’ll guide you through during our 12 weeks together

There are 8 modules, consisting of:


Module 1: VALIDATE Your Purpose

Discover/reconnect your passion and purpose and understand why your purpose is important.


Module 2: VIVID Clarity

Clear out the cobwebs, the clutter, curtains and break the chains that are causing chaos and confusion.


Module 3: VALUES (and Virtues)

Identifying  your values helps you prioritize where you spend your time, money and energy, and leads to a more fulfilled existence


Module 4: VISION

If "what you see is what you get" then what do you see? Get clear on your vision and how it fits into your God-given purpose.


Module 5: VALUE

You have tremendous value. Learn how to value yourself as the treasure that you are, no matter whether "they" acknowledge your worth or not.


Module 6: VOICE

Many of us have lost our voice and not even realized it. Reconnect with your authentic voice and learn how to use it effectively.



Which YOU shows up at work, in your business, at home, etc? Explore what it means to show up authentically as yourself and learn how to be visible to those that need to see you.


Module 8: VICTORY

Success looks great on you! Time to put it all together, and receive guidance on maintaining your victory and prepare for your next level.

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Claim Your Spot for $4997 $3997 


And even get access to

the following bonuses!

These bonuses have a total value of over $200, but they're yours FREE!

Bonus 1
The Virtual Vision Board Experience
The Virtual Vision Board Experience
(Value: $97)

"My vision board...I cannot thank you enough for what you did. This has given me focus and helped me organize myself and plan better. God bless you."

-- Martha M.

Bonus 2
The Victory for Visionaries Toolkit
(Value $97)

The toolkit includes:

1. My Top Tips and Tools for Visionaries. 

2. Kingdom VIP Manifesto and other resources that will help you jumpstart your victory.

Bonus 3
Facebook ™
Exclusive Support and Facebook Community
(Value: Priceless)

Direct access to me through our Facebook group with my continuous support throughout the duration of the Course, to keep you focused and accountable.

Bonus 4
Discover Your Gifts ebook
Discover Your Gifts Workbook
(Value $27)

"I was in a state of confusion, trying to figure out my purpose here on earth and asking “who am I?” and “what am I supposed to be doing to extend God’s Kingdom?” I was not satisfied or fulfilled with the job I was doing, I felt something was missing (not money) and I needed more."

After going through the Discover Your Gifts Journal...

"I feel free, I am at peace and I have clarity now on who I am and what I should be doing. It is so clear now and easy for me to continue, but now, on the right path. The book is full of life, there are hidden truths in them that only you can discover." - Kemi B.

Look at what past clients have to say about working with me...

Zenell B Brown

Zenell B Brown

The Everyday Inclusionist 

Thank you for being a role model! Please know that you are an example of believing in and walking in purpose.

I am an intelligent woman who knows a lot but needs to have a solid plan to move beyond what is reasonable to what is possible. I need to move from my head to my heart and into action.

Emem provided the environment, tools, and accountability for that and for results to be realized within a very short time.

She also is open about her journey too. So, you get the real deal, not pie in the sky, abstract, aspirational coaching and masterminding.

I completed in 3 months things I had been procrastinating about for a year.

I love the structure and accountability! I love Emem. I loved my experience.

Esther Iwunze

Esther Iwunze

Founder, Project Clothe A Child

It feels so good when someone truly really gets get me so well!! Where have you been all my life?

I truly believe that our paths lined up for such a time as this.

Thanks for walking alongside with me in this season of my life. I truly appreciate everything that you have done so far.

I haven't been pushed liked this a while. Glad someone else is pushing me besides myself. I see growth daily. 

I am thankful for you. Your guidance and coaching sessions helped me birth a dream that I have nursed for a long time. I am encouraged to be all that God has called me to be.

Whohoo! God sure did align our paths. Thanks Coach! Excited for all that God is about to do!

Tamika Jefferson

Tamika Jefferson

Author and Physical Therapist

“Emem has a way of seeing the gifts or talents in a person and shining light on the possibilities.”

“I would absolutely tell anyone who is contemplating signing up for Designed For More Group Coaching Program With Emem Washington, to go for it. 

You will either solidify your life’s purpose, forge ahead in achieving an impactful life, or discover an entirely new path that you never knew was there.

One of the breakthroughs or “ah hah" moments for me was during her module on “Voice.”

 Emem is very insightful, intentional and impactful in her delivery of each module. 

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to be a part and can’t wait to get started on my new missions!”

Frequently Asked Questions

I work during the day, can I participate in the sessions?

Absolutely! The calls are held at 7PM CST. And they are also recorded. So if you have to miss one or you join late, you will be able to go back and listen to everything.

Do I need to be on a computer to participate?

You'll want to have access to a computer to download any handouts, but all the live calls will be held via Zoom. This means you can join from your phone, tablet, or computer.

How much time does the program require outside of the live calls?

Those who join Designed for More and commit to participating fully are FINALLY investing in themselves and their vision. I believe that you are here because you are ready to make your purpose a priority. This is the right program for you. If you have decided that now is the time to move forward, then the accountability and coaching will help you MAKE the time so you can work through the program.

Emem Washington