Finish Strong Mastermind 2021

Don't repeat that "same old, same old"  cycle of carrying the same goals over from one year to the next...  

Let's do this...together!

The Finish Strong Mastermind is a support and accountability group for you, the mission-driven impact-maker. This Mastermind will challenge you to show up for your goals like you’ve never done before.

This Mastermind is for you if you have goals that you had planned to accomplish by the end of 2021, but have not yet achieved them (maybe you have not even started yet) and you are now ready to intentionally take consistent action to achieve them.

In this Mastermind, you’ll receive the ABCs to achieve your 2021 goal, and build momentum for your other goals


Your goals are reinforced (and excuses are harder to make) when you have someone holding you accountable. Typically, the journey is not as fun as the destination, which is why we often quit before we get there. Accountability keeps you focused during the journey. 


You can't "read the label from inside the bottle", no matter how great your sight or vision. With this mastermind, you will have a collective of like-minded people to bounce ideas off of, to help you see different perspectives, and to help you get past any areas you feel stuck. 


There's nothing like having a community  to celebrate with and to strategize with, (especially when your loved ones don't understand your goals & dreams). Surrounding yourself with others who are pushing towards their own goals is that extra fuel you need to keep you going! 

Here is What Others Have to Say...

I needed to have a solid plan to move from my head to my heart and into action.

Emem provided the environment, tools, and accountability for results to be realized within a very short time.  


You get the real deal, not pie in the sky, abstract, aspirational coaching and masterminding.  I completed in 3 months things I had been procrastinating about for a year.  I love the structure and accountability! I love Emem and Finish Strong. I loved my experience 

Zenell B Brown

Zenell B Brown

Court Administrator

I joined the finish strong mastermind because I wanted to do just that.  I believe mastermind groups are so helpful for many different reasons.  

What I like most is how helpful Emem is and there is a genuine desire to help with her.  She goes above and beyond what I expected and answered all questions promptly. 

If you are even considering I would join because of the value you are going to get from Emem.  She is a consummate professional with a compassionate heart to serve. 

Jeremy Belter

Jeremy Belter

Health Coach 

All it took was one intuitive statement from Emem, and my overwhelmed heart received the guidance it desperately craved. I was suddenly able to see possibilities where roadblocks had once resided! And the most valuable part of working with her? The effective way she directed and implemented a strategy that paved the way to my breakthrough, and helped move my goal further along. 

I wholeheartedly endorse her work—she will connect your challenges with opportunities and develop a plan to achieve it. She’s EXCEPTIONAL.”

Ify Etuokwu

HR Manager

It is Not Too Late To Achieve your 2021 Goals... 

If you have fallen off the 2021 "goal wagon", this mastermind might be the missing piece of the puzzle for you 

  1. 1. We will have a weekly check-in, where you get the opportunity to present specific challenges, ask questions, share updates and to celebrate your progress and wins (we will meet on Zoom - but if you're "zoomed out", please know that Zoom meetings are not mandatory).

  2. 2. You will have the opportunity to meet with other faith-filled Big Dreamers and Goal Crushers, who are no longer willing to settle for the "rollover plan" of rolling goals over to the next year (and the next...and the next), and want to be held accountable for taking the right action. 

  3. 3. There will be a Private FB Community for 24/7 community support [exclusively for members only]

  4. 4. the success you achieve in 2021 will be  momentum you can use to tackle 2022 goals (yes, we are already thinking ahead). 

What would it feel like to accomplish those goals you’ve been sitting on, especially  if the year has not been as productive as you had planned?

Achieve Your 2021 Goals

Imagine if you actually ended the year strong, in spite of the odds and setbacks that you faced this year... 

How would you love to have the support of a community of others who are building big dreams and getting them done...?

What would it feel like to be able to finally cross some goals off your list and replace them with new goals...?

“Sounds great, but how much is it going to cost me, Emem?” little as $297 (and we have an installment option as well)


Other masterminds can cost thousands per month. Trust me, I’ve seen them. I've participated in some for hundreds per month. And they worked for me. 

I'll also be transparent and say that I have other 8-12 week programs with clients who have invested from $5000 (and more)

But the last 20 months have been rough, so I’ve made it super affordable because I want this to be the easiest "Yes!" you can say to investing in yourself and your goals. 

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Pay just $297 (if Paid In Full) 

*installment options are available. (I told you it would be an easy “YES”) 

  • Say Yes, to your dreams!
  • Say Yes, to your goals!
  • Say Yes, to your future!
  • Say Yes, to YOU!

You owe it to yourself to FINISH this year POWERFULLY.  So join us in the mastermind and let's all succeed together!

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