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Becoming Known Podcast with Candis Hickman: “Igniting a Vision That Disrupts the Status Quo”

Soji’s Business Lessons Podcast: Episode 8

12 Minute Convos with Engel Jones

Living Creative Podcast :“You Can Do Anything”

Conferences & Summits:

Flourish Media Conference

Leading Ladies Brunch 2018

Purpose Power Summit

Just Do It Women’s Conference: Belize 2018

Digital Articles:

Meet Trailblazer Emem Washington

SelahAfrik: Emem Washington at the Dove Awards

#SelahMusic: Emem Washington | In Your Presence


Meet Trailblazer Emem Washington

Jasmine's Place: “Your Story is Not Over”

Jasmine's Place Christmas: "You are Not Alone"

TV, Radio and Live Interviews

NDTV interview with Sam Hunsu

Leading Ladies Brunch Reel

Sharing Her Story with Wanda 

Talking Business: Beverly Walthour

Guest Blogs:

Huffington Post

Christian Mommas



Rise from The Shadows

Women of Purpose: Inspiring Stories of Professional Women for Insight & Direction

Dear Baby... Love Notes to My Angel Baby

Music-Related Events:

Rebirth (Feat. Morayo)

Flip the Page (feat. GodsWriter)

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