I received my first royalty payment for my book Rise from the Shadows

I’m so excited! The other day I received my FIRST royalty payment as an author, for my book titled Rise from the Shadows: Overcome Your Past, Reclaim Your Voice, Live Your Light. I feel like a “legit” author now!

Ok, so it’s not enough to retire on…yet. But it sure felt good to see that people bought…and read…and reviewed MY book. This first royalty check feels like a million bucks!

If you have already purchased my book, thank you. It means a lot to me. If you are yet to purchase, it would mean the world to me if you did. One of the most vulnerable things to do is put your creation out there for the world to see (you might remember that this is why it took years for me to publicly announce that I had written and released some of my songs).

Rise from the Shadows (“RISE”) is for all of us who have experienced situations in life that have caused us to forget just how important we are to God and to humanity. It’s also for those of us who have (knowingly or unknowingly) dimmed our light so as not to “rock the boat.”

RISE is a call to reawaken the champion in you. It will help you understand how to:

1. Appreciate (and not suppress) your identity (your uniqueness is a powerful asset)

2. Stop believing the lies you or others have spoken about yourself, and

3. Intentionally and radically transform your vision, your voice and your visibility. 

It’s available for purchase at http://bit.ly/RiseFromShadows

It’s a good feeling when someone buys your book. And it’s a better feeling when someone buys it AND reads it. However, the best feeling is when someone buys it, reads it, enjoys it, writes a review about it and shares it.
Thank you so much for your support. I’m grateful.


P.S. It’ll also make a great gift for the students in your life.