for Your Life Than Where You Are Right Now

Have you ever felt like there was more for your life than where you are right now?  Have you always known that you were created for something big, and yet you feel as though you are currently just "taking up space" on the earth?  

Do you (like I have often done) get frustrated because you feel like “I should be further ahead by now?” Or do you sometimes look at others and want what they have or to be at the level that they are at?

You've dreamed, you've believed, you've fasted and you've prayed and yet nothing has happened. Your prayers don't seem to have been answered. And maybe others have seen a bright future for you or even prophesied over you.

And yet your dreams STILL haven’t come into being. Naturally, you’re disappointed. Actually, that is an understatement. You are frustrated.

You know that there is a purpose for
your existence

You know it. But you feel frustrated and unfulfilled because you are not there yet. You feel that you are ready to live out your God-given purpose, so why isn’t God allowing it to happen?

It almost feels like you’re on an airplane ready to take off, your seat belt buckled, chair in upright position, everything else in order, and yet hours later, you are still on the runway. 

When will you take off already? You truly believe that you are ready for your next level. But are you prepared for that next level? Before you answer that, let’s talk a little.

These feelings are feelings that I am all too familiar with. Until recently, this was exactly how I felt. I went to college, then went on to get two advanced degrees, and I still felt frustrated with where my life was. I got married and had children, but there was still that gnawing feeling that there was more, much more, that I was created for. My family means so much to me, so for me to still feel this way was a little disconcerting. I felt stagnant and

Hi, I am Em!

Over ten years ago, God put it in my heart to record an album. As a child I used to make up songs and I wanted to be a singer. But I had a horrible voice (which He totally fixed). And now here I was, married adult and, out of nowhere (seemingly) the thought was planted to release a CD. And I latched on to it. I went on to sing on different worship teams, where I learned so much.

Other people around me seemed to be releasing CDs, in fact many of them had released several, and I still had not released one. The comparison mindset set in. I asked God questions like why He put this dream in me, and whether I should just pursue other things. Years passed by, I had children and life felt as if I was just going through the motions. Then I began to tell myself that I was too old to still want to do this. Who would want to listen to me anyway?

Working sometimes up to 80 hour weeks did not drown out the frustration. In fact, it made me even more frustrated. I could only ignore the emptiness I felt for so long before the frustration was back with intensity. One day it hit me that I was "ready" but I was not "prepared".

Mentally (and even emotionally) I was ready for what I wanted, but I had not yet physically taken necessary steps to prepare myself. Saying you're “ready” shows a desire to obtain a result, but saying you are "prepared" means that you are doing the work to obtain it. Even when we don’t know our purpose or our next assignment, we still have to be prepared.

Putting it on my vision board or writing it down in my planner was a start, but it wasn’t enough. Saying affirmations around my goals or telling someone else about them was great, but it was not enough. I needed to prepare, by doing things like taking lessons and courses, practicing, and so on.

I needed to put some things in place and remove others. Preparation often involves some pruning, refining and purging, and it is not always comfortable. But it is worth it.

What Happened Then...

So, eventually, I realized the difference and I began to take the steps to make sure I was not just ready but prepared. By God’s grace, I am no longer in that place of stagnation and "stuck-cation."

"I have a new mindset, I have successfully released my first CD, and I have a renewed enthusiasm to pursue ALL the dreams that God has given me."

Most importantly I’ve realized that God wants to take me to the next level when I am ready. If God had allowed me to achieve all of it without being fully prepared, I would not have been able to handle it. I could have come crashing down in shame.

And now I want to share with you 5 of the main things I learned that helped move me to my next level.

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