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Searching.  Love…Relevance…Life…Acceptance…Hope…Encouragement…Peace…Fulfillment…Joy…Answers…Meaning. Everywhere you look, people are searching. For something more. For meaning in their lives. For a higher power. For…something. 

Many do not even know that they are searching. You look at them and they seem to have it all together.  They sound and look like life is perfect.  But if you look a little closer, if you take a deeper look, you’ll see that they really are wanderers. They are searching, but don’t know that they are.  Some people look for answers in alcohol, drugs, pornography, etc.  Other people turn to habits that do not appear to be as harmful (for example, trying to be perfect).  However, neither of these habits provide the answer that they are searching after.

Then there are those that know that they are searching, but don’t quite know what they are looking for.  

That’s the premise and the message of this song. For a long time, I searched and did not know it.  The thing I was searching for had been with me all that time. Looking for love in all of the wrong places, when all that time it was right in front of me. Looking for applause from man, when God had already approved of me.  

No matter what you are searching for (promotion, significance, love, truth, food, drink, shelter…whatever) it really can be found in Jesus. The bible tells us to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.  And ALL THESE THINGS will be added to us (Matthew 6:33). 

Please share this song ” Searchin’ ” with everyone. Because you never know who is searching, but is putting up a good front. You do not need to preach.  Just let the music do what our words sometimes can’t. Subscribe to my YouTube channel here to have early access to all my upcoming videos. 

Blessings and Love!