give yourself permission to do more

Are you suppressing the desires of your heart? Do you hold yourself back from doing more with what God has given you because you’ve been taught that it’s unchristian to want to prosper? It’s time to stop. Stop apologizing for wanting more for your life. You were not created to be mediocre. You are not here to be stagnant. ⠀

Remember the parable of the rich man and the talents? God doesn’t want you to bury what He gave you. He wants you to do something with it. To multiply it.

If you’re honest with yourself, staying in the “bubble of comfort” doesn’t really FEEL comfortable. It’s Boring…Unfulfilling…Suffocating.

So why allow what THEY’LL SAY about you keep you from pursuing more? Why allow what THEY’LL THINK about you keep you stuck on stagnation street? DON’T let “THEY’LL” keep you in HELL!⠀

I repeat: don’t let “they’ll” keep you in hell. ⠀

I get it. You want to please God in every way and many times the desire for more can be seen as an unholy detour from the things of God. Many times the people that judge you the hardest are fellow Christians, who want you to believe that wanting to BE more, DO more, EARN more, somehow equates to being a member of the dreaded “prosperity gospel” gang. ⠀

So you suppress your desires and dreams and try to be the good, obedient Christian who doesn’t want success because it means you’re proud or prideful or whatever name they’re using these days. ⠀

But who are you answering to? And who are you responsible for? And how will fixing your mind on “what they will do” serve God? How will it serve the people God has placed in your path?⠀

Dear friend…dear fellow Christ-follower, PLEASE do more with what God has given you. Please multiply it. For His Kingdom. For His glory. For His name’s sake. Of course while you’re doing more, wanting more, being more, NEVER let your gaze shift from The One who put greatness in you. NEVER elevate ANYTHING above His rightful place in your life. Always keep your eyes on the prize (Jesus).⠀

Stop apologizing. Give yourself permission to pursue and overtake. Give yourself permission to be fruitful and multiply. Give yourself permission to shine for Jesus. It. Is. Time.